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Workout trainings

You can choose from/between 2 types of trainings.

Online workout training
(on Teams, Zoom, etc.)

where I’m with you, I give you instructions, You can choose here between personal or group trainings too. I help and support you so that you don’t get injured. Safety first!


Target audience: 14-99 years.
We have special senior training if you are over 50.


This is a very special form of movement. It gives you strength on a physical and mental level.


These are bodyweight trainings and later on there is a chance to use kettlebell as well.

This form of movement strives for efficiency, teaches movements of daily life, prepares you for unexpected situations. It gives you strength on a physical and mental level.

The point is not muscle building but rather to attain a type of real, raw power. The emphasis is on strengthening the core muscles.

Another crucial/very important point is the right breathing, to keep the range of flexibility and to develop our balance. This training incorporates Eastern traditions with the newest trends of our modern age.

This kind of training is much more than your average workout. This is a lifestyle.

We are not pursuing fast results. Instead we are focusing on endurance. We are encouraged to turn our attention inward and focus on the present.

This is not a fancy new trend, it’s a natural form of movement.

New joiners start with a basic programme where we learn the basic movements, the correct positions, how to lift weights correctly, how to use our bodies, attention, discipline and presence.

You can lose weight, you can get stronger. Pro athletes can try new things and it is a very good tool for self discovery too. There is only one condition: Be there and do it!

There are 3 parts to our training model: warmup, the training itself and stretching.

This Americal school is a part of a bigger European training academy. The founder is Péter Vilcsek and the current master trainer is Zsolt Petho. The school is called Mázsaház.

Miklos Papay

I have been doing this kind of training for 25 years. I got my training certificate in Europe.
I am an official „fitness instructor”. I have years of experience in training smaller and bigger groups personally and online. I’ve had trainings in huge multinational companies for bigger groups.

You are welcome!!

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